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Donate Your Vehicle While Supporting Your Favorite Charity!
Call 1-866-628-CARS (1-866-628-2277) or Donate Online!

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If you want a turnkey vehicle donation program and your organization is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation, contact us today to receive more information. We provide an exceptional program for non-profit organizations helping them add an additional revenue stream. Personalized service, media kits and professional support are a few features that we offer our Affiliate Partners! Contact us today to find out how 100% of net proceeds go to non-profits.

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Vehicles For Charity
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Contact our qualified Business Development Team directly:

Dennis Fadden
Manager of Corporate Alliances

Phone: 303-308-2422
Toll Free: 877- 228-5238 x2422
Fax: 303-308-2459

Check on car status (auction, towing, etc): info@vehiclesforcharity.org

Vehicles for Charity was founded with the purpose of providing a win-win situation, one charity helping another. Our mission is to generate funds that allow all of the charities listed on this site to fulfill their goals and missions. Vehicles for Charity is owned and operated by the arc Thrift Stores,Lakewood,CO., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed in 1968 to support children and adults with developmental disabilities.